Did you make a cool pot with your MicroWheel™ set and you want to show it off?
We'll put it in our gallery for the whole world to see! If you make a lot of pieces, become a Featured Artist! Do you belong to a group of class? We'll make a spot show off your work with profiles of each student or artist.

1.  Submission must be in electronic E-mail format only (no photos by mail),
2.  One file per submission (can be many files in .Zip format) as an attachment (not a photo
     pasted into the E-Mail body).
2.  Photo's must be in .JPG, .GIF or .TIFF format.
3.  Comments can be included for display on the site, but must be in English, less than 100
     words in length, and may be edited by our staff.
4.  We reserve the right not to publish any submission, at our sole discretion, for any reason,
     without notice.
5.  Micro Dynasty, Inc. retains the non-exclusive right to use submissions for any purpose or
     venue, including publishing in electronic or book form, individually or as part of a collection,
     in original or edited condition. Our gallery is copyrighted by Micro Dynasty, Inc.
6.  Include the Artist's name, year of work, the MicroWheel™ unit model used.
7.  Optionally include the type of clay used, artist age, gender, school / affiliation, comments
     about the piece.

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