"I can't believe this wheel! It's the best thing ever!"
J.M. Cedar Rapids, IA
"My pots are amazing! This wheel is so easy and cool, I love it."
B.W. Chatsworth, CA
"My students find this wheel to be surprisingly easy to use. In no time they are making scale miniatures, and the skills learned are easily transported to the larger wheels. For the price of a full size wheel, I can equip my whole class with MicroWheels(TM). "
P.W. Seattle, WA
Home Schooling

Finally, quality potter's wheels for home-schoolers! Make real pottery fired in a home kiln! Whether you are teaching a class or learning on your own, the MicroWheel(TM) miniature potter's wheel is the professional-grade wheel for you. Can be used with air-dry, polymer, precious metal and all traditional clays.

NOTE: Polymer clay can be fired in your toaster oven!


"I screamed with delight as my three new wheels were delivered today. Yipee! We will be ready for class on wed and Thursday. Ohhhh the kids will be so excited.... the kids loved to hear your story about having trouble throwing.. they know how you felt...well I have to go play with my MicroWheels(TM). Thanks for the speedy delivery..."

K.G. Palo Alto, CA.

Homeschooling Specials!
Classroom special:
3 x student wheels + one Super Hobby wheel + technique and example guide: $399
Get a complete set and teach your own classes! Complete kit: Student Wheel + clay and supplies : $99.95
Home Kiln: $249.95 ($50 off for homeschoolers)
Use your regular 120V 15 amp outlet.
Allows you to fire traditional high fire clays up to cone 10!
Make real, useable pottery. For example: tea sets, bowls, cups, pipes, sauce dishes.

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