Micro Dynasty is actively positioning the MicroWheel™ product line as an art activity in the following markets:
  • General education
  • Special education
  • Rehabilitation
  • Home Schooling
  • Attention Deficit
  • Handicapped

MicroWheel™ miniature potter's wheels are ideally suited for tight budgets, cramped quarters, those with limited mobility or short attention spans. Anyone that can use a pencil, can use the MicroWheel™. Since this wheel spins so fast, rapid formation of the pieces is possible, creating an opportunity for immediate gratification, and therefore captivating the user. The MicroWheel™ line is much easier to use then traditional large wheels, yet the same basic concepts are employed. Thrown pieces can be from 1/8" to well over 4" on the Professional model. Students' work can be fired, glazed and presented just like traditional ceramic pieces.

Educator's Special


1 x MicroWheel™ Professional Mode


5 x MicroWheel™ Hobby Models

1 x Micro Kiln 4"x 6"x 8" with Kiln-Sitter, fires up to Cone 10 (only needs 120V)
1 set of 12 metal tools
5 sets of 4 metal tools
8 colors of glaze
3 kinds of clay (5 pounds each of Standard Cone 10 High Fire Clay, Porcelain and Terra Cotta
Training Video, Sample Lesson Plans


Free page on our gallery for your students' work to be displayed for the whole world to see!


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